how do you find sponsors for your band

Artists can develop relationships with local sellers and national manufacturers and get Live show promotion, Free merchandise, and Credibility in the eyes of the public, as well as in the eyes of club bookers who might be interested in having that artist perform.

Companies, on the other hand, can form relationships with artists and get Exposure to selective target markets, Public awareness and sales, and Coolness by associating themselves with hip and “in” music.

What follows are seven tips that can lead to arranging your very own sponsorships.

  • Make a detailed list of the local businesses and national corporations you wish to target. Log on to each company’s website for specific information including the businesses’s name, owner, brand manager, event coordinator, address, phone number, store hours, website URL, submission polices, and more.

  • Be prepared to show various companies how they can benefit by sponsoring you: show that you’re creating a buzz in your community, that you’re reaching their target demographic fan, and that you have the right personality that matches and aligns with their brand.

  • Create a press kit (physical and electronic) that is specifically designed with sponsors in mind. Show pictures of you promoting the product, and include biographical information. Check out companies like Sonicbids to help you create your electronic press kit if needed.

  • Remember to express absolute excitement in promoting a company’s products. Emphasize your work ethic and commitment to following through on the deal. Many bands flake out on hanging up banners at shows, placing logos on posters, mentioning the company’s name in record liner notes, and keeping sponsors up-to-date with career news. Some bands even attempt to sell or pawn products that were given to them. These are all big mistakes. Paris Hilton has been sued more than once for not honoring her sponsorship agreements. But, that’s no surprise!

  • Be persistent but never be a pain in the butt. Polish your sales and negotiation skills by reading books like Zig Ziglar’s Secrets of Closing the Sale.

  • Refer to the global authority on sponsorships, IEG, and its books The IEG Complete Guide to Sponsorships and the IEG Source Book ( These are two helpful resources that list strategies for obtaining sponsorships. IEG even holds a regular convention that could be a good networking opportunity. And finally...

  • Never sign any agreement you do not understand. As I’ve said before in other blog postings, and will say again, consult with a proper business representative, such as a skilled consultant and/or attorney.
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