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Are you a guitar or bass player looking for an instrument that will give you the classic feel of a vintage with custom features only found in some of the most high end custom shop models? Usually this may involve a price tag high enough to buy yourself a new car. Whether you are a musician on a budget or just looking for a great instrument that will play like a dream right from the first time... then you need to check this out.

Hard Luck Guitars is changing the way of selling and is going to offer you a real difference, changing the way you look at purchasing instruments or musical accessories online.

HardLuck Kings takes a completely unique approach in their way of bringing high quality and reasonably priced instruments into the hands of musicians. Most models are available with several options such as choice of ebony or rosewood necks or vintage or hotter pickups as desired.

There is even an independent artist that can custom fit some jaw dropping models that incorporate any type of old school vinyl records that will be used as unique one of a kind amazing pick guard scratch plates. https://www.facebook.com/gforce.albumart

These will absolutely be one of a kind and are visually stunning. Traditionally in the past even the most pricey instruments would require a visit to the repair shop in order to have them checked and setup properly for intonation, playability and general aesthetics.

Not so with Hard Luck guitars. If you are not totally satisfied with your purchase for any reason you can send it back. All guitars are professionally set up prior to shipping including immaculately dressed & polished frets.

Coupe De Ville Bossman

philosophy of the company

Founder Mark Goldstein was the former Executive Vice President of the highly respected drum company DW Drums before founding and launching HardLuck Kings in 2010. So it would be a fair call to say he has a good idea on what musicians are looking for when choosing a mate. Expect to see features that are not normally seen on off the rack models, like custom fret inlays, unique paint and other visual distinctions that will make these guitars really stand out. But what really makes these instruments special is the care that goes into setting each one up perfectly before delivery to the musician. Mark recently explained to us a little bit about the philosophy of the company and what goes into each finished model. Before any guitar leaves the warehouse, each one is given over an hour of setup. The frets are professional dressed and the guitar is tweaked to be sure that it plays like a dream in the hands of its owner. The company prides itself with next to no returns and making sure that the buyer is happy in every detail of these fine instruments.

Something else that sets this company apart is the way you go about obtaining one. Currently they are NOT available in all but a very select group of music stores. If you want one they can be purchased on Amazon or direct from the manufacturer at www.HardLuckKings.com. Because you are buying direct, expect to see a much lower than expected cost then you would traditionally see associated with instruments of this high quality. Not only are you getting a top end guitar, but actually getting a professional setup as you like it on each and every model.

New Spin On Vintage Designs

The Chop Shop Spider

A spider ready to weave a rock and roll musical web

Our personal favorites are the Coupe De Ville Bossman (seen above) which features ebony fret board with custom brass knuckle acrylic inlays, a beautiful matte finish in either black or white and HLK high output ceramic humbuckers. This guitar is a knockout that plays and sounds awesome.

Another fav is The Chop Shop Spider which is kind of a blend of two classic models "Firebird body style with Fender type neck. It sports a mahogany body and set neck Rosewood fretboard with custom spider acrylic inlays, Cherry red stain lacquer and has an option for either Seymour Duncan or EMG pickups. Another hit out of the park, this guitar is amazing.

Another thing that sets this company apart is the way that it treats it's customers. From speaking with Mark, I really get the feeling that he views the musicians playing HLK instruments as part of a family.

When looking at their website http://www.hardluckkings.com/ you will not only notice apparel and even tattoos but also a section devoted to "The Kings" Once an instrument is purchased you can add your name as a HLK players and promote your band as well! This is very cool and allows the average musician and not just the top level pros to be a part of the HLK family.

Here's how to become a King today:
1. Purchase an HLK guitar from an Authorized Dealer
2. Then complete the online application on the Kings page.
3. Once approved you will be emailed a LINK and PASSWORD to log back in and manage your Profile Page entirely including adding your bands Tour Dates

Click Here To View The Current Roster:https://www.hardluckkings.com/kings

Click Here To Complete Our Online APPLICATION:https://www.hardluckkings.com/kings/become/

The company has 80,000 followers on Facebook and ships guitars all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and even Europe

We love this company and hope to see more from them in the future. Great guitars, Great Service and a Philosophy of keeping prices down and respecting the musicians...

The only Hard Luck here is if you DON'T get your hands on one of these KILLER guitars.
Rock on!

Check them out at www.HardLuckKings.com

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