Sundance/Slamdance Film Festival has Local ConnectioN
by Tammy Brackett

Ft. Lauderdale guitarist Steve Price has leading role in new documentary “I Am Thor”

Guitarist Steve Price is packing his bags to board a plane to attend the Slamdance Film Festival in Utah to view “I Am Thor”, a documentary about playing guitar with the hammer-wielding rock warrior Thor, a body builder turned glam rock metal god popular in the early 1980s. The independent film documents Thor's precarious early career and the past thirteen years of his attempted comeback and is interwoven with footage from the band's early tour days. Price has played with the band on and off for thirty three years. The documentary stars Jon Mikl Thor, Steve Price, Mike Favata,

Slamdance runs concurrently with the prestigious Sundance Film Festival held yearly in the snowy enclave of Park City, Utah, and Price is excited at the pre-release buzz “I Am Thor” is garnering. “Slug Magazine, Variety, and AM FM Magazine have all written really positive reviews,” he says via phone from his home in Ft. Lauderdale. “It's an Official Selection of Slamdance, and that in itself is great.”

Director/Co-Producer and Cinematographer Ryan Wise (Sam Has 7 Friends, The Green Rush, Why We Ride) stumbled on the mighty Thor, known in the mortal world as John Mikl Thor, in Seattle. He and producer Alan Higbee caught his set at a dive bar where he was performing. “He was running around, changing costumes, bending steel bars with his teeth,” remembers Wise. “I looked at Alan and said, 'We have to film this'”.

“The past few years of this documentary and comeback tour have been a whirlwind,” says Price, who rejoined the band officially in 2005. “The comeback started in 1999 when Thor played The FBI Club in Orlando as a reunion. In 2005, I rejoined Thor and the band got a record deal with Cleopatra Records. We were booked on a sixty city tour and I did twenty of those shows. In 2009, we played the Sauna Open Air Festival in Finland with Johnny Winter, ZZ Top and Motley Crue. And of course, Ryan has been filming the whole thing since 2001.”

Price waxes nostalgic about Thor and his part in the band. “Being in a theatrical band, means people are going to gravitate toward the show and the front person but maybe not the music. I was this guy in the background and people were not really paying attention to what I was doing because I wasn't bending steel and smashing bricks on my chest. I was playing guitar, writing and arranging songs.”

the sheer will and tenacity of Thor.

Famous people are making a big to-do over the movie, including Nick Turner from Hawkwind, Mark Weise (Ozzie Osbourne's photographer) and John Holsturm from Punk Magazine.

What's Price's personal hope for “I Am Thor? “From my perspective, the hope would be, after thirty plus years of work and ten years of a come back that audiences will see the story of this guy and admire the sheer will and tenacity of Thor. The hope is all the guys would get back together again and do a major tour,” says Price.“We have 100,000 fans world wide. There's a petition on Facebook to get Thor to play in Dublin. The movie hopefully will be a boost to our career.”

“The most important thing is getting satisfaction from all the years of effort.,” says Price.“The songs are great, the musicians are great. I want to go out with a bang. It's time to go out on fire.”

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