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What many promise, but few can guarantee is what the loud and proud WHITESNAKE have always delivered and with their 12th studio opus The PURPLE Album once again their hard core fans are about to be surprised again by the ‘SNAKE.

Recorded & mixed by legendary frontman and Whitesnake founder David Coverdale with Co-Producers Michael McIntyre and Snake guitarist Reb Beach and at Hook City Studios in Reno Nevada, ‘The PURPLE Album’ draws on the songs from the three DEEP PURPLE Mark 3 and 4 studio albums featuring Coverdale. “BURN”, ”STORMBRINGER” and “COME TASTE THE BAND” .

All the songs on the new album are presented as a respectful tribute to his former colleagues & pay homage to the band who started him on an amazing musical journey over 40 years ago that continues today.

“Even though we’re playing songs I recorded with PURPLE over 40 years ago, it has all the classic WHITESNAKE elements people who support us have come to expect...” says Coverdale, “I thought it would be cool to go out, as it were, the way I came in to this music business.”

From the opening track, the incendiary classic ‘BURN’ through to the sonic insanity of ‘STORMBRINGER’ Yorkshire born David Coverdale brings his career full circle from when a 21-year-old singer/songwriter bravely answered a music press ad to become the new lead singer for DEEP PURPLE in 1973.

After leaving DEEP PURPLE in 1976 Coverdale formed the original WHITESNAKE in 1977, and began a journey that has taken him from the early heavy blues rock of the late ‘70s with albums like ‘TROUBLE’, ‘LOVEHUNTER ‘READY AND WILLING’ and ‘COME AN’ GET IT’ through to the explosive hard rock of the revamped ‘SNAKE sound with the multi-platinum ‘SLIDE IT IN’ & 1987’s self-titled mega-million-selling smash-hit album. ‘WHITESNAKE’.

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Coverdale and the band picked their favorite PURPLE songs

“People have been asking me for many years to revisit Purple songs like ‘MISTREATED’ & ‘SOLDIER OF FORTUNE’ with WHITESNAKE, but I always felt like I should be writing new, fresh WHITESNAKE songs for the fans.”

“In 2012 I was told by a representative of the old PURPLE management that keyboard maestro Jon Lord, who had worked with me in WHITESNAKE, too, had been diagnosed in with cancer and that Jon’s wish on his recovery would be that we put together a PURPLE reunion of sorts. I agreed to be there for him. As we all know, sadly he didn’t recover. After Jon passed away, I felt it necessary to reach out to Ritchie Blackmore to express the grief at Jon’s loss and to hopefully bury any unpleasant hatchets we’d been throwing at other for decades. It was during our reconnect that we discussed the possibility of some kind of a PURPLE reunion or a ‘BLACKMORE/COVERDALE’ project. During the time we were talking, I started listening to our old albums and began working on ideas & new approaches to suggest, rearranging some of our original works.” Unfortunately, our ideas on the reunion aspect didn’t quite gel, so I respectfully withdrew from further discussions, though I am happy to say we did bury old animosities and we have thankfully stayed in touch.

It was Coverdale’s wife, Cindy who suggested that he take his ideas & make a new WHITESNAKE studio album celebrating his legacy from his time with DEEP PURPLE. “And that’s how it all happened. I discussed the idea with my musicians & our record company & everyone was very positive. So it was all systems go for ‘The PURPLE Album’.

Coverdale and the band picked their favorite PURPLE songs from Mark 3 and 4 and set to work at WHITESNAKE’S new recording studio, Hook City in Reno, Nevada.

They also shot the 4 new promotional videos ‘LADY DOUBLE DEALER’, ‘SAIL AWAY’, ‘STORMBRINGER’ & the immortal ‘SOLDIER OF FORTUNE’ all on site at Hook City.

“It was a shared vision,” Coverdale says “Every member of the band came to the sessions fully loaded with ideas & talent & helped make this a memorable project for me.”

WHITESNAKE now brings you “The PURPLE Album”, featuring ‘SNAKED up versions of those beloved PURPLE classics many will be introduced to for the first time and with a seriously kick-ass chapter of the band that can reinterpret these classics with the passion they deserve.

“There was absolutely no intention to compete, or compare with the original recordings. We just wanted to play these songs the best we could and this is how we wanted to play them,“ says Coverdale.

And so WHITESNAKE is preparing to set sail with “The PURPLE Album” loaded with priceless treasures from the three DEEP PURPLE studio albums Coverdale helped write & produce over 40 years ago.

WHITESNAKE are currently putting together dates and preparing for their 2015 THE PURPLE TOUR which will feature their biggest hits & songs from the new album.

It’s Gonna Be Great!

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