New breed of Post-blues

Hailing from Miami, JUke is a new breed of Post-blues and the brainchild of singer / songwriter / harmonica whiz, Eric Garcia, who was dissatisfied with most dated, non-threatening traditional blues. Eric felt the need to bring the angst and power back into the type of music that seemed to lose some of it's relevance and impact.

Teaming up with guitar phenom and singer, Evan Lamb, was the catapult that made JUke go and realize Eric's vision. The addition of powerhouse drummer, Brian Lange, and the endless grooves from bassist, Taylor Byrd, have completed the unique hybrid that has become JUke.

JUke's songwriting is one of the things that separate them from the pack. The subject matter and lyrical content has long been hailed by their fans and only adds to their legend. Couple that with their performance and musicianship, and you have a band you can learn to love.

We recently had the pleasure of asking Eric a few questions and getting a little insight into what the band is doing. Take a look and I hope you get a chance to see or hear them soon.

Tell us a little about what brought you to where you are today? How you got started, influences etc?
I like where i'm at today. I feel like i'm still growing as a musician and performer. I started playing the harmonica in 1989 and I started singing just about 6 years ago when I started JUKe.

What are you and your band doing currently?
Pretty much we take the gigs we want to take and we're gonna try and continue breaking into the jam band circuit.

Tell us about your songwriting/recording process and what we can expect on your latest tunes?
To be honest, these days we're revamping a lot of our old tunes that we don't really play live. We have enough old material that can easily fill up a whole set.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?
Man, I dunno. Hopefully festivals. That's where it's at.

Tell us a few things about yourself that may surprise us?
Most of my life I've made my living from teaching tennis to little kids.

What music are you enjoying currently?
I book bands for a living, so there are a bunch of up and coming touring bands that I listen to. Black Joe Louis and the Honeybears is one of them. I wanna get them down here.

If you could go back in time what would you do differently in your career?
I would have learned how to play the piano as a kid. An early understanding of music theory would have been nice.

If you could play with any musician in history who would it be?
John Lee Hooker,,, for sure.

Where do you see your career going in the next five years?
I don't really think too far ahead. I guess that is both good and bad. If we start doing some runs to europe and steady start playing festivals, i'll be happy. Other than being an artist what did you think about doing as a career when you were a child? I used to want to be a pilot. I took lessons for a while and everything.

What has been your best experience in the business? And Why?
My first big event. I put on a big show with George Clinton and Fishbone in San Diego. It was a great night and the music was amazing. It really showed me that I could do this.

What has been your worst experience in the business? And Why?
That same show!!! My overhead was way too high and the show lost a ton of money!

What is it you love about what you do?
Quietly standing in the back of the room when I band I brought to town is playing a packed venue with everyone having a great time and knowing I am responsible.

What is it you hate about what you do?
Busting my ass to put good shows here with talented bands and then some crap, flavor of the month band comes to town and packs a huge room

If you could make a major change in the business…. What would you like to see?
I don't know. I actually like the directions it's going. It's more in the artists hands to tour and push your product online...it's getting fair,, I think. I'd prefer to make any contribution musical. I am very good at my job, but i'd eventually just like to focus on my own music and not everyone else's.

How do you feel the Internet has changed the business? Positive and Negative?
Positive....no doubt at all. It's amazing.

Where do you see business and music moving to?
Hopefully things will stay in the band's hands. But there is a lot of money out there and I'm sure the record companies will find a way to regulate and profit more off of the artists and what they do

How can the business side and artists better work together?
Simple . It's the same in any business. Honesty....if the two sides are straight with each other and people do what they say they are gonna do, we can grow together. It's when either side is short sighted or petty that problems arise.

JUke's  first  album, " Lungbutter‑the  Blues  Basement  Tapes",  is  available  on  iTunes. The recording of  their   sophomore album,  " Down Low   Cool",   is out now!. , JUke's in-your-face live shows and stories of love, loss and pain make them the band to see!!!

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